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Hydraulic Metal Shears Metal Cutters


Demolition Shears or Metal Cutters are available in a wide range of and strengths to tackle any job. A Hydraulic Shear is versatile in the type of material it can cut through from rebar and blocks in road construction to support beams for building demolition and the most powerful of shears are used to dismantle ships for recycling metal. Hydraulic Cutters are offered in an assortment of types, settings, and capabilities.

- Linkage Shears

The cheapest and simplest. A Linkage Hydraulic Metal Cutter utilizes the bucket linkage standard on excavators and backhoes to cut light to medium sized materials such as steel, pipe, rebar, tires and concrete.

- Auxiliary Hydraulic Metal Shears

These Hydraulic Cutters have a much wider range of sizes and a lot more capability. With the use of auxiliary hydraulics cuts are more efficient. These shears can be fixed or have 180 or 360 degree rotation making those hard cuts easier to accomplish. These Metal Shears can be outfitted to skid steers, backhoes, and up to the largest of excavators. Suitable materials to cut include H beams, I beams, railcars, plates, tanks, pipe, round stock, wire, rebar, concrete and brick.

There are a couple special features to look for when purchasing a shear  that may greatly increase the efficiency of your machine. The autolube system is a great example of this. A hands free way to keep specific high tension areas of the shears lubricated and defended against wear and tear.

Let Hammers Plus set up your business for efficiency by finding the right attachment to match and fit your machine and specific to your needs.



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